It SOLD! (2 thumbs up!)

The artists of Make Studio have a wonderful collaborative show up at Park School of Baltimore, now through March 5, 2017:  Connecting Community.  Upon hearing that one of his pieces sold, Louis Middleton took to this blog to share his good news:

I made a “Luxury Home” a long time ago. (previously blogged about it, too:  Colonial house. What is luxury to you?) It was hung in the Make Studio 4th Anniversary Show in 2014, and is a part of the Park School show right now. The painting is on canvas and it’s 3D.   I am super excited that the piece was sold!  It was special to me. When Cathy told me it sold, I jump out of the seat and give it two thumbs up.


 This year Make Studio is turning 7, and I am working on three tribute pieces. The three pieces are Carrie Fisher, Debbie Reynolds, and Eddie Fisher because they are passed away and I make tribute art. I invite you to come and take a look at my tribute pieces on Saturday, February 25, from 1pm to 4pm.  I’ll be there and I’m excited to make new friends at the event! There will be lots of art to buy, too!

Louis is right. He and the other Make Studio artists would enjoy sharing their newest works with you.  Consider yourself invited to join us in our gallery on Saturday, February 25th!

ROYGBIV: Celebrating 7 Colorful Years of Make Studio



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