Colonial house. What is luxury to you?

by Louis Middleton, Jr.


Make Studio is about to turn four years old!  We are busy making special new projects to celebrate this event.  I am making a special project.  Right now I am sketching my ideas for a luxury Colonial house.  So far I have the exterior and the interior.  I am feeling super excited about this project.  I think what’s really exciting is the idea of luxury.  Luxury to me is having a kitchen with a family room and a breakfast room attached, three bathrooms and a powder room, and a bedroom with a large walk-in closet. I asked Garrett, Bess, and Chuck what luxury was to them.  Garrett thought the house should have a king’s room with jewels, gold, and a crown.  Bess thought there should be a throne room and a luxury library with a secret door.  I thought, in addition to that, the secret door would lead to the computer room.  I added to the Lumsden idea!  And, Chuck thought there would be wood furniture, like at his uncle’s house.  Cathy thought there should be a large whirlpool tub for taking relaxing bubble baths.  Now, I want to know, WHAT IS LUXURY TO YOU?!  Please comment.Unknown

One response to “Colonial house. What is luxury to you?

  1. HI Louis! Luxury to me is waterfalls, swimming pools and huge bathtubs. This is a great project concept. I can’t wait to see your new artwork! Say hi to the crew at Make Studio for me.

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