Tony Tells the Tale…

Tony LaBate, seasoned make Studio artist, has done it again. Translating his love of movie star fact and trivia into unique artistic projects, Tony often creates portraits and narratives based on the eventful and often ridiculous antics of the rich and famous. One of his favorites is the notorious Randy Quaid. Some fun facts that Tony likes to share about Randy are that he is the brother of fellow actor Dennis Quaid and he played the role of Eddie in the 1990 classic Christmas Vacation. Tony originally payed him tribute in this lovely portrait painting:


We here at make Studio wanted to dig a little deeper into the story of Randy Quaid, so we asked Tony to tell us some more about his shenanigans with the hope of creating a t-shirt for the Randy Quaid-loving public. After hours of collaboration, we transformed Tony’s portrait into a unmistakeable mugshot! The text reads: “BURGLARY/VANDALISM IN FORMER HOME WITH WIFE. REPLACED BROKEN MIRROR WITH PHOTO OF THEMSELVES” 


What a tale! Tony told us that every week, Sunday through Thursday, he checks Wikipedia to see if Mr. Quaid and his wife are still “on the lam” in Canada… You, too, can do your part in helping to bring Mr. Quaid to justice. Click here to go to the make Studio gift shop website, where you can purchase a Randy Quaid mugshot t-shirt!


We looked into doing a milk carton ad, but came up with the next best thing… our very own Randy Quaid mugshot coffee mug!

photo 3(15)

He must be out there somewhere….



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