Bess’s tips for being who you are at all of life’s stages

I wanted to share something that’s been on my mind for quite a while.

When I was in my twenties I saw a lot of people in their thirties dissing people my age, telling them ‘you’ll grow out of it, too, and be in khakis and business suits and never want to wear black again, you Goth’ and they called me horrible names.  But, I didn’t let that stop me.  I decided to be more and more Goth and experiment with more styles.  I went through a lot of crazy styles.  That’s what you do.  I even tried Dark Dicora and Dark Fairy Kay and Creepy Cute.  I loved experimenting with different types of makeup looks and outfits, jumping around and pretending I was a magical girl, an eternal one that lasts forever. But nothing lasts forever.


But, who you ARE does last forever! I mean you may not be able to dress like you did five years ago or three years ago, but you’re still YOU!  And now that I’m about to turn thirty, the big Three Oh, I was a little scared that my Goth style would be destroyed by wrinkles and eye shape change and whatever.  But that hasn’t changed me at all.  I am only about to be thirty.  That’s not that too bad.  It gets worse when you get past thirties, then things start to really break down.  Yes, I am older, but I’m not ancient!  I still have friends who like me for who I am.  And some wise person said to me, there are people out there who act like they’re teenagers and then there are people out there who act like they’re sixty!  But, you know,  I am not going be that cranky old spinster.  Rather than being that cranky old spinster I’ve decided to be like the wise old witch like you see in those movies-  the old wise woman who has all the at home remedies who says: ‘this is what you need, try this, don’t try stuff that has chemicals in it. It’ll ruin your body.’

I’ve also decided to be a little guide to the younger cosplayers because, like it or not, I am still an anime fan.  Maybe Lolita is no longer for me but there are plenty of other outfits I can wear.  I’ve also decided to hang out at Club 1111 once in awhile.  It’s an amazing club and it was fun and, get this, Nerds, they even had “Underworld” on one of the big screens!  How did they know I love vampires! Being a Goth does not mean being young and beautiful and Gothy- it’s deep inside you.  And that will never change. Be who you are no matter what your age- stay true to you!

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