Finding Peace on North Ave.

by Tyrone Weedon

On my left is East North Avenue and that is where I live.  This  is my home, me and my family have lived in this household for the past decades until my four sisters moved out and have a place of their own to start a family years later. 


It has been through good times and bad times since losing my mother, but my family were always close and we have that special bond that has never been broken.  Now, I am a grown up living in this household by myself…But, not always.


To my right is Greenmount and North Ave, it is very gritty and urban.  A lot of craziness down here in this neighborhood, the traffic, the bar hangouts, the drugs, the knuckleheads, the cruel people, the incidents in these past years, and the struggles about making a living and hustling every day to make money.


Despite all the stress out here in the ‘hood in between, but there is always a beauty out there in the streets.  I always imagine about escaping  the ‘hood and go somewhere that is peaceful out there, but I had to learn to overcome my fears first. 

I like going places where it’s less stressful and less noisy.  I love going to the library, bookstores, comic shops, movies, art classes and places that I never went before.  I want to go to the park and take in a nice walk and look around and see the wonderful trees growing beautiful.  I like sitting at the bottom of the tree to stay in the shade and sketch everything I see in the park, and what is going through my mind.  I want to sit down on the grass with a towel and meditate my mind and listen to my surroundings.  I like to sit on the bench and think about life and my future, I dream about riding a bicycle in the park. 

One day, I wished about having a good women, getting married and starting a family so I can play catch with my son.  Maybe someday in the future, but right now, I have got a lot to learn and a long way to go as far as maturity and responsibility, but I am doing everything the best I can for me, my family, my friends, my support system and most importantly in heaven… FOR MY MOTHER AND GOD.



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