Iragi Nkere: My Morphinominal Life in Art

Now that it’s been a minute and we feel like we’re back in our art center, we’re happy to be resuming our periodic spotlights on 1-2 artists in our showroom gallery.

Currently in the gallery: “My Morphinominal Life in Art” featuring Iragi Nkere, on view through the end the September. Stop by to see the work in-person if you can, or follow along on social media as we share artwork details and thoughts from Iragi.

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Zach’s At-Home Studio Keeps Us Guessing: Abstraction and Nature

“I began watching old episodes of the “Bob Ross” painting show on Netflix and Hulu in 2018 (ish), because I thought it would help hone my painting skills. I learned many new things by watching him paint, such as use of color, mostly soft colors. I also bought a book of Bob Ross’s paintings from the Giant, which I have been using as a reference ever since.”

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