The Making of “Making it Work”

In addition to having an opening reception and party for TEN, this year’s anniversary exhibition, our artists are acknowledging the milestone of an entire decade of Make Studio in a BIG way! They are putting on their first fashion show, fittingly titled “Make it Work”.

Thirty-two individual looks, designed by the artists and modeled by them and volunteers, will be taking to our rainbow runway at 5:00PM on February 22 in our Schwing Showroom Gallery.

To prepare for the runway, the artists have spent the past few months designing and crafting clothing, accessory, and wearable items (with considerable look-tracking and wrangling overseen by staffer Terri Ball), have completed workshops in the studio and at MICA’s Fiber Arts department (coordinated by MICA community fellow Laurel Stewart), and have perfected their model walks.

The artists applied a wide array of inspirations to their looks, and each is going for a different impact on their audience. For example:

Louis, about his scenic robe: “I like landscapes because they take me everywhere.”

Malcolm: “I chose an apron because they are useful for working in the kitchen. I like aprons!”

Dasha: “A crazy cat lady in training, a young artsy girl who likes to crochet and be the talk of the town.”

Gary: “It isn’t often you see a cartoon walrus.”

Bess: “I wanted to show a little bit creepy and goth.” (Of course!)

Chuck: “I stitched the rope to make a neckline, and added some heart shape leopard print fabric and did some other things to it, it is pretty cool.”

Click through our slideshow, below, to get a sense of all their hard work and a sneak peek of what you’ll see during the show! 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



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