Countdown to Cloud 9: It’s here!

Okay, not exactly here. But in less than 48 hours it will be! 

We’ve had a great time sharing personal blog posts with you from the Make Studio artists over the past month.* If you missed a post, just head to the front page of faves saved and scroll down to quickly scan the most recent entries.



In light of all this anticipation that’s surely been built for our Cloud 9 Anniversary celebration, we know you’ll be joining us for a big slice of birthday cake and a hearty toast to all of our artists THIS SATURDAY!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


You’ll also have the opportunity to pick up our newest piece of Make Studio swag, commemorating the occasion! (See below.) Thank you to Jubilee Arts’ Youth in Business entrepreneurs for producing these colorful new totes for us.



*Unfortunately we have to end this Countdown series one day early, as inclement weather and other factors prevented getting a dispatch from everyone. (Stay tuned for future posts from additional studio and low residency artists, as well as art therapy clients, who wish to share more information about their art practices in the future.)

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