Take a Peek at “Take A Look!”

Where does inspiration come from? How do artists influence each other? “Take a Look!: The Fandom of Make Studio” aims to make evident how artists connect to one another through a visual language. The exhibition features artworks by current and former Make Studio staff, volunteers, and interns alongside works by Make Studio artists that they’ve taken inspiration from.

The exhibition is open now through Tuesday, April 2, with a closing reception on Friday, March 29 from 6-9pm. The reception is free and open to the public, with live music by Bloomer and light refreshments.

(Below, a sample of the artwork in the show and statements from a few participating artists.)



Artwork by Emily Feinberg (volunteer and former intern), Louis Middleton, and Jules Hinmon.

Emily Feinberg

Since my art therapy internship at Make Studio, I have been inspired by visits to the Studio, as well as art updates on the Studio’s facebook page. I especially enjoyed seeing updates on Louis’s Supermarket Sweep sculpture series. When I entered the studio and at last experienced the sculptures in person, I was inspired by Louis’s attention to color, texture, and details in his larger-than-life sculptures. As I viewed the pieces, I felt transported to the set of Supermarket Sweep, a childhood favorite TV show. I was tickled by the thought of bringing a shopping cart to the gallery and quickly loading in all the gorgeous sculptures, as if I were a contestant in the show’s grocery shopping final competition. In response, I created a collage that expresses my fandom of Louis’s art. I also returned to a second unfinished Supermarket Sweep-themed collage that I had started a few months prior, which Louis’s series motivated me to get back to. On a side note, I’ve found myself drawing lots more feet since viewing Jules’s foot-centric creations!


Artwork by Sheba Sheikhai (former intern).

Sheba Sheikhai

My selected works explore a growing, integrative awareness that I developed through my time at Make Studio. I feel not only influenced by each of the artists’ unique creative processes, but by the very present and contemplative nature of the group as a whole. There was never a day in the studio that didn’t inspire me to pause and breathe into my senses and imagination. I experienced a way of being with others in true collaboration, support and friendship that allowed me to see myself, my world and my fantasies with more love and clarity. My pieces explore themes of whimsical and liminal safe space, sound and rhythm, and meditative reflection.



Artwork by Erin Barach (former staff member and Program Advisory Committee member) and Gemma Frost.

Erin Barach

I’ve worn a few hats at Make Studio, from volunteer to exhibitions associate, exhibiting artist and programming committee member – although my favorite role has been working as an occasional substitute. It’s the long gaps in between visits that make me realize what an amazing group of people make art here and how much influence they have on my practice. Walking into the studio is simultaneously familiar and unexpected. I never know what will be brewing! It’s a unique environment where everyone supports each other and honors their individuality. The artists at Make Studio are determined, curious and incredibly talented. I’m so grateful to be part of this community.


Artwork by Margie Smeller and Erin Barach.



Artwork by Bennie Krause (volunteer and former intern) and Clara Baker.



Artwork by Alex Albert and Tracy Weitkamp (volunteer and former intern).

Tracy Weitkamp

Having worked closely with Alex for two years as an intern at Make Studio, I couldn’t help but be influenced by his personality and his art! Working with Alex deepened my knowledge of the truth that art connects people – to themselves, to others, to experiences, to the world, to everything. Growth is a piece I created during my time working with Alex as an art therapy intern. He’d recently been working on a piece that had similar form with shapes raising in size from left to right. This visual of raising or growing stuck with me as it reflected what Alex was doing in his art, and what I was doing through my work with Alex. Art was helping us grow! In what I came to learn as true Alex fashion, I created my piece using mixed media, predominantly watercolor, oil pastel, and sharpie.  These weren’t materials I would have previously combined but doing so was exciting and resulted in a bold and representational piece of my time with Alex and at Make Studio overall. It is a piece I am truly proud of!


Stop by the closing reception on Friday, or during daily gallery hours through next Tuesday, to see the rest of the exhibition and learn more about all of the artists!

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