Countdown to Cloud 9: Margie

Margie has a lot of favorites that keep her up on cloud nine. Like for Jimmy, it made sense for her to share them in list form. But, she opted to break down her favorite things to “the third degree” except in the case of favorite art subject matter (perhaps Margie’s favorite amongst her favorites)!

Favorite Holidays
1. Thanksgiving
2. Halloween
3. Christmas

Favorite Foods
1. Pizza
2. Tomatoe Pie
3. Pasta
4. Candy


Favorite Cookies
1. Chocolate Chip
2. Peppermint Kiss
3. Hershey Kiss

Favorite Things to Draw
1. Party’s For Hosting
2. Snowman
3. Snow Angel
4. Flowers
5. Drinks, Hot off the Press


Favorite Movies to Watch
1. Hallmark
2. Disney
3. A Winter Castle


Favorite Weekend Activities
1. Church
2. Coloring Books
3. Snowshoeing

Favorite Part of Costco
1. Food Samples
2. Shopping
3. Frozen Yogurt



Make Studio artists are counting down each day until our ninth anniversary celebration by sharing something that puts them on cloud nine. To help us celebrate, join them here on the blog all month through February 22nd, and in-person on February 23rd at Cloud 9!

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