Countdown to Cloud 9: Kareem

Attending studio events, and other festivities, tends to put Kareem on cloud nine.

As a sneak peek of his contributions to Make Studio’s upcoming 9th anniversary exhibition, here Kareem shares the recently completed tribute piece to A Star is Born, his newest favorite movie. He shared some thoughts about his cinematic experience:

  • He liked it so much that he saw it twice upon its release in October, both times at Hampden’s CineBistro.
  • The previews before the film lasts  over thirty minutes long! So, he enjoyed some food while waiting for the feature to begin.
  • Seeing a preview for Mary Poppins Returns (reviewed here by Gary) inspired Kareem to later see that movie, too.



  • Kareem really enjoyed the plot, in which Jack, a country singer played by Bradley Cooper, meets a waitress named Ally, played by Lady Gaga. “Ally becomes a great singer and they fall in love by the end.”
  • He felt that the leads’ on-screen chemistry was “great!”
  • Kareem’s favorite songs in the movie were “Shallow” and “I’ll Never Love You Again.” Kareem thinks Lady Gaga, overall, is the better singer and Bradley Cooper is the better actor.
  • Kareem also likes to read movie reviews, and agrees with the critics who gave this movie 4 or 5 stars out of 5. He’s excited for the movie to be released on Blu-Ray so he can continue enjoying it.




Make Studio artists are counting down each day until our ninth anniversary celebration by sharing something that puts them on cloud nine. To help us celebrate, join them here on the blog all month through February 22nd, and in-person on February 23rd at Cloud 9!

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