Tyrone’s Cordially Invited

For Free Fall 2018, Make Studio is pleased to present Cordially Invited, a first-of-its-kind in Baltimore invitational exhibition and set of programming featuring artworks created in innovative U.S. and international studios that serve artists with disabilities.

Cordially Invited celebrates the exciting and thought-provoking art produced in progressive art studios as a way to better appreciate our neuro-diverse world. Opening Friday, October 5 is a central exhibition in Make Studio’s Showroom Gallery, with smaller  displays “popping up” in partnering neighborhood venues, and a digital exhibition of non-U.S. artists coming online, soon after and remaining up for at least a month.

Artist Tyrone Weedon provided this review of the show as it went up:

I like artists who do their own thing. I really enjoy all the various artists styles. It’s important not to judge someone’s talent because we are all artists. I saw pieces that reminded me of Make Studio work, but I also saw pieces that were new and fresh to me.

I really like Shawn Payne’s (from Art Enables) painting ‘Afro Girl Boots.’ I absolutely love his style of art, it has that 90’s vibe in it, and I love the traditional black, red, green, and yellow. Back in the days of the 90’s, black is beautiful is in the fashion industry, including cross colors clothing line. I like the dried black foam for her hair. I like a little bit of collage for the earrings and the details on the toes and heels. And finally, I like the acrylic background with famous African colors. I felt the 90’s theme in it and I can tell when I see it. It makes me miss the good ol’ days!

I enjoy places like Make Studio because you can be yourself and do your own thing with your art. No one is going to judge you. My best advice: Be You.


Tyrone’s own work can be seen in the core exhibition and in one of the Cordially Invited pop-ups (venue list available on our webpage soon).

Select works from other Make Studio artists will be on display, as well, complementing work by artists from the following studios:

Arundel Lodge, Inc.’s Open Eye Gallery (Anne Arundel County, MD)
Art Enables (Washington, DC)
Center For Creative Works (Wynnewood, PA)
Creative Citizen Studios (Pittsburgh, PA)
Creativity Explored (San Francisco, CA)
Friendship Heart Gallery (Lancaster, PA)
Gateway Arts (Brookline, MA)
Pure Vision Arts (New York, NY)
Starlight Studio and Art Gallery (Buffalo, NY)
Studio In-Sight of Cornerstone Montgomery (Rockville, MD)
Visionaries and Voices (Cincinnati, OH)

Please accept our invitation to check it out!



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