Gary’s Disney World Adventure


Artist Gary Schemes just returned from summer vacation with his family, and wanted to share highlights of his big adventure in “the most magical place on Earth”:



This was Gary’s seventh time visiting Disney World.  (He’s been to Disney Land twice.)  He got to meet many old and new Disney characters, gathering their autographs and posing for photos with them. He rode many rides, and ate some very delicious food.  

Despite having been to Disney world before, this trip was still full of firsts for Gary.  It was the first time he ate breakfast at Beast Castle (from Beauty and the Beast), his first time at Chef Mickey’s Contemporary Resort, his first time meeting Olaf, and then, of course, riding the Frozen ride.


It was an especially big deal for Gary to meet Olaf, one of his favorite Disney characters! Then, he got to meet Anna and Elsa, also from Frozen.  

“I poured my heart out to Olaf.” 


“I told Elsa I drew a picture of her and asked if they are still popular to which they said ‘We think so.'”



Gary also had a fun meeting with Snow White. “I told Snow White, you are my favorite princess and without you there would be no other princesses!” Later, Merida, from Brave, told Gary she liked his beard because it reminded her of her dad’s beard.

When meeting Tiana from Princess and the Frog, Gary asked how it was to be a frog, to which she replied “slimy.”

Gary met Winnie the Pooh and Tiger together. He asked Tiger if he liked honey (Tiger said “no.”) Gary asked him to try to honey, but Tiger could not open the honey jar with his big paws! When saying goodbye to Tiger, Gary gave him a big hug and they bounced together.


Gary made many new memories from his week full of magic, wonder, and all things Disney!



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