Double Trouble

by Aimee & Dasha, with help from Carolyn

0426181305They call themselves “Double Trouble”. . .

Artists Aimee and Dasha together led two workshops in one day last month, and they made sure their outfits matched for the occasion.

Here they share their experiences from that day, when they first demonstrated their techniques for painting on fabric at Hereford Library (as part of our “Being a Hero in Your Story” workshop series for our Inclusion in Art and Community exhibition), and then, here at our studio, co-led collaborative art-making with other Make Studio artists for students from JHU.


What as the best part about the Fabric Workshop at Hereford Library?

Dasha: I enjoyed all the people coming in and their curiosity about the project.

Aimee: It was awesome seeing how everyone felt about their work!  And it was awesome to see people making their own art.


What was it like leading the workshop?

Dasha: I had fun teaching and showing off my art techniques!


What did you learn during the workshop?

Aimee: There was a person working with fabric in a box and that was a new experience and learned from that.

Dasha: I learned how I could use yarn to hang up my piece and how thicker ribbon on the back held the fabric in place.


What did you make during the workshop?

Dasha: I made a layout map of my bedroom. I used metallic fabric and glued down the fabric and folded the fabric to make the room look messy. I was thinking about the new wood floors going into my room so the art piece was a plan for my room with my new floor.

Aimee: I was remembering the ocean from a trip I took over the weekend. I found fabric that fit in with ocean colors, and used yarn and a small doll I found to pull it altogether.


What was the evening with JHU students like?

Dasha: It was good! I showed people how to sew on fabric and make a doll. I worked on a piece with Sabrina (a Make Studio intern who is also a JHU student).

Aimee: Good! I taught a person how to make Ka-Fancy (or a kitty doll). It was fun to see the Hopkin’s students working on their own projects.

Dasha: There were other Make Studio artists, lots of socializing and silliness. It was a collaborative experience. And we got pizza for dinner.


What was it like doing two workshops in one day?

Aimee: It was a lot of fun to do two workshops and there was more time to work on art.

Dasha: Some of the down time made me restless, but it was an overall positive experience.

Double Trouble’s parting thoughts: 

We’re Double Trouble with fancy on the brain, creating the feel of our spirits going with the flow of fabric. Painting, sewing together, we’re growing! Art isn’t just what you see! It’s a magical adventure! Bold, subtle sometimes, our thoughts come together!

The Laughter, the Triumph!!!


Victories are won!


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