Party On Make Studio: A Farewell Post

by Shaindel Edelman

Nine months at Make Studio has given me the privilege to work with some of the most outrageous and creative artists I’ve known. I came to Make in September 2016 to give to the studio as an Art Therapy intern from George Washington University and had no idea how much the studio would give to me. These guys keep me on my toes, challenge me, and have opened my eyes to the possibilities innate in their power of creativity. Each of the artists I’ve come to know have changed my outlook and appreciation of art and life.

Although I’d love to talk about each artist I’ve gotten to know, I’d like to just highlight a few who have made an impact on me this year:

Alex inspired me with how much he cares about his work; He’ll start over and over again until he gets it just right.20170127_124241

I’m grateful for Woody who has taught me what it means to commit to creating art for hours at a time, no matter how much life has destroyed. 20161104_140847.jpg

Thank you, Bess, for teaching me how to not take myself too seriously and for the life advice you readily hand me. 20170414_132000

Erica, for inspiring me with your beautiful articulation of your art and gourmet cooking tips.


Chuck, for allowing me to see the world in a fantastic abstract view with colors and line work that pull the viewer in with their story. 20170505_135201

Tony, for introducing me to those most dear to you through creative character mashups.


And thanks to the fantastic staff, who run a tight ship from ordering gesso to passing the time away with karaoke while waiting for Mobility to come.

I hope to continue being at the studio vicariously through seeing the sensational artwork created at Make Studio online and out in the community!IMG_1128

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