coffee (A tribute)

by Dasha Kalumuck

i’m a big coffee fan. i’m probably addicted! LOL! who isn’t, right?

anyway  i love the taste of coffee and i especially love caramel. i’m a huge fan of caramel! and caramel coffee is the BEST! i like  a whole range of different coffee. hot, cold, iced, frappe’. and it’s not complete without whip Cream! (DUH!) i’m the kind of girl who likes to put a lot of creamer and sugar in my coffee.

i recently learned how to make iced coffee in my Mama’s office! LOL! i like Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts.

i recommend a good caramel frappe’ with whip cream and a drizzle of caramel syrup on top. YUM! YUM! YUM! this is what inspired me to do Coffee Bear! basically she’s a second grader that is hopelessly addicted to coffee and can’t function without it. and she always wears her bunny slippers and pajamas to school. and her motto is NEED COFFEE!

my Coffee Bear series is about Coffee Bear’s main struggle to balance second grade and her crazy need for coffee.

my first painting introduces us to Coffee Bear. it’s morning and she miraculously managed to get herself to the coffee and get herself a grande’.


my next two are wood paintings. one of Coffee Bear in class ringing the teachers’ bell at the teacher, ordering her to get Coffee Bear a coffee from the fancy cafe’ down the street. OMG! you can pretty much get that the teacher ain’t happy.


the other painting on wood is Coffee Bear crying over her confiscated coffee. BOO HOO HOO! it’s not supposed to be sad at all it’s really meant to be like “GET A GRIP! SHEESH!” funny. so i hope you can get a good laugh outta his one.


there are other little paintings of Coffee Bear in my series. the in between scenes of Coffee Bear’s life and her friends. i have put myself in the story. can you find me?

coffee_bear04 copy.jpg

coffee_bear05 copy.jpg


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