Trying Something New

A post by Tyrone on trying new art materials….


“It can be a frustrating process for me since I have a lot of self-doubt when working with new processes and materials. To get rid of negative thoughts, I take a deep breath and try to let things go. I try to think of something positive to be more in control.

“I had seen other artists using canvas and I wanted to learn something new and different and develop my talent as an artist. This is my first time working on a canvas and my first time using gesso. Gesso takes patience to make sure it is smooth and dry. I like to listen to music to calm myself down and to have patience. Painting gesso on canvas is different from other surfaces. I have painted on wood before. For this project I had to do a transferring process with the light table to darken line on the back so the sketch is ready for transferring. The process felt very repetitive since I had to go over the lines again and again and trying to get the lines right was tough.

“A gessoed canvas is very different from watercolor paper. You can’t use watercolor on a canvas, you have to use acrylic paint, paint markers, and sharpies. The canvas is more sturdy and you have to be in control of the artwork.

“Every artist has their own style and you can learn new things and stick with what you know. It feels good. I decided to do a tribute to Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds on the gessoed canvas. I am learning a lot by doing the piece.

“When the piece is finished, I hope everyone is gonna like it!”


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