Auf Wiedersehen

My farewell blog post

by Nadine Handschuh

I’ve spent a wonderful and inspiring 15 weeks in Baltimore, “the greatest City in America”.*


Make Studio gave me the great opportunity to be the first over-the-pond-intern from Europe. I’m so thankful and it has been a life-changing experience. But unfortunately, it’s time to say good-bye and I’m writing this farewell blog post to share my thoughts and short anecdotes with you!

To spell it all out…


M for Music

Every Tuesday and Thursday, Jerry turned on the radio, switched to the classical music channel and we enjoyed the program. Music and Art is a perfect combination in my opinion and sometimes, they played a piece of a famous Austrian fellow, Mozart! 🙂


A for Arts

Drawing and painting is a great way to express emotions. Some of us are not able to talk about their thoughts, feelings and wishes. Art helps us finding a voice. That’s why Make Studio has been inspiring me every single day.


K for Keswick Road and Kitchen

I fell in love with the Hampden neighborhood and the Schwing building is beautiful. And having lunch, talking about saved faves and comic characters has always been entertaining. I always enjoyed our lunch break conversations.


E for Empowerment

The Make Studio is a perfect example how empowerment, inclusion and supporting talents can encourage artists to improve their drawing and painting skills. It’s been an honor to be a part of this process.


S for “Snowmaggedon” 2016

“Jonas” was the first (and hopefully last :P) Blizzard of my life. After 20 to 30 inches of snow and unplowed streets, it was the perfect time for Netflix and binge-watching!


T for Time

“Take your time”
“Don’t rush”

I love the relaxed and at the same time constructive atmosphere at the Make Studio and the process is as important as the finished piece.

And I found a very helpful Date to Date Calculator which says that I’ve spent 110 days, 9.504.000 million seconds, 158.000 minutes, 15 weeks and five days and 30.14% of a common year (365 days) in the USA. Okay, maybe a little bit too accurate 😉


U for the USA

My time in the States has changed my life! I got the chance to get to know a new culture and great artists and personalities.


D for Distance

The distance between “Charm City” Baltimore, Maryland and my hometown Linz, Upper Austria is approximately 4,310 miles or 6,937 km. I’v never been so far and long away from my home country and it’s been the biggest adventure of my life.


I for International

The Studio is close to the John Hopkins University Campus, so I’ve met a lot of people from different countries during waiting for the free bus. And thanks Circulator, you saved me a lot of money! 🙂


O for Over-the-pond

When my professor first mentioned that I could do my internship in Baltimore, I was so excited! I think every student should work or study abroad to broaden his or her horizon.


Thank you so much to the artists at Make Studio and for everything you’ve done for me the last four months! You welcomed me with open arms and I’ll never forget that.

I’ll miss you and wish you the best for your future.


*Note from Make Studio staff: Nadine bravely traversed Baltimore mostly by bike and bus, so spent a lot of time with our signature benches!

**Also, we can’t let her leave us without sharing a few pics from her last day with us. We’re going to miss her so much, and know she has a bright future in social work (or whatever career she chooses) ahead of her!



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