Introducing Jules and his Characters


I’m Julian “Jules” Hinmon.  I am an artist.  I take great pride in my favorite art pieces, especially Chris and Hummerback.  Cartoons are an awesome art form.  Chris and Hummerback is my magnum opus.  It’s a series I created about an anti-social, African American 8-year-old kid named Black Chris, and his stuffed weasel, brought to life by a Pixie called the Green Pixie, who works for a place called the Imagination Bureau.  The Pixie rewards Chris for his active Imagination by bringing It to life, starting with his stuffed weasel, Hummerback Weasel.  Together, Chris and Hummerback hang out together and go on crazy adventures, while Chris also focuses on his social life.  Here is a guide to the characters. 

  • Misty Dawn: Chris’s childhood friend who enjoys wearing overalls, getting good grades, and bragging about her achievements.  She is arrogant and rude, but has a good heart and means well.  She loves most cartoons, especially the movie Freeze-ed.
  • Ruby Ann Sapphire: Misty Dawn’s naïve, but smart and kind, best friend.  Misty bosses Ruby Ann constantly, but Ruby Ann remains her loyal friend and looks up to her constantly.  She loves to wear dresses and skirts.  Ruby Ann is autistic.
  •  Elmo Montuard: An achieving, self-entitled, loud mouth, sensitive, and popular boy.  Elmo can’t stand Misty and her judgmental ways.  He is the president of the debate club, has won numerous awards, and is an open homosexual.  He hates animated films, especially Freeze-ed.
  •  Charles “Mucus” Earnstein: An angry, dimwitted, opinionated boy, who is good friends with Elmo, and shares his hatred of Freeze-ed.
  •  Blaine Goldtop: A snooty, annoying, ruthless, rich jerk, Chris’s worst enemy, and the defacto antagonist of the series.  He loves to wave money in poor people’s faces.  Nobody likes him, nor would pretend to like him even if they were paid to do so.
  •  Jill Fines: A bully that does not pick fights, except with Blaine, whom she hates.  She is prone to getting her feelings hurt and really just desires to have a friend.  She admires and respects Misty Dawn.
  •  Erika Dawn: Misty Dawn’s tomboy-ish, brave, bossy, manipulative, hard-working, argumentative 7-year-old younger sister, who is obsessed with having her way, sports, magazines, and muscles.
  •  Sabrina Dawn: Misty Dawn’s shy, naïve, humble, kind and caring, 11-year-old sister who loves magazines and doing both her own work and other people’s work.  She can be easy to take advantage of, however.  She is very popular among males.

 The Allegory:

Chris and Hummerback is an allegory about being torn between childhood and adulthood.  Being 8, you would be told you are too old to be riding 25 cent airplanes, wearing diapers, and sucking pacifiers, but you are also too young to drive and see R-rated films.  The cartoon tackles this line between childhood and adulthood.

It is also an allegory about the difference between reality and fiction.  It takes its events and drama seriously, but also breaks the fourth wall and is full of surreal elements, like dragons, talking toys, and superheroes.

Stay tuned! 

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