Making plans for the New Year

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2015 was truly a phenomenal year for Make Studio! Between moving, settling in and customizing the Schwing space, and events almost every month, happenings for artists and staff felt nonstop.

(If you haven’t had a chance to see it, this summary highlights what we were up to events-wise: 2015 In Review)

With further plans for our building and upcoming events filling us with excited anticipation for next year, we took some time out to collect our studio community’s New Year’s resolutions.

Read on to find out what artists and staff want to do and make happen in 2016*…

Do more artwork. – Louis, artist

Get organized! – Meg, intern

Get an American accent. – Nadine, EU intern

To resume yoga after many years’ hiatus. – Cathy, staff

I’d like to meet a guy who is rich. And my second thing, I want to see my picture framed on the wall. – Caroline, artist

I want to save as much money as I can. – Gary, artist

Take a vacation in the mountains. – Erin, staff

I want to have a part-time job. – Zach, artist

To have an art show outside of Baltimore. – Bart, staff

Make time to oil paint. – Emily, intern

To help everybody. – Woody, artist

To read more books and be more informed. To keep learning. – Carolyn, staff

To draw and write more often to develop my style. – Isaac, artist

To lose weight. – Garrett, artist

1. Make a snowman; 2. Visit people; 3. Go sledding; 4. Shovel the snow; 5. Play games; 6. Go places; 7. Watch TV; 8. Take turns; 9. Listen to people; 10. Eat something healthy. – Alex, artist

Make more space for myself and others. To try to master Zen Buddhist cooking. – Jill, staff

To keep my grounds maintenance job forever. – Tony, artist

Art is my goal. – Jeanne, artist

Make more sense. – Stefan (communications-minded) staff

Sweet plenty of coloring books
nice to me. I am good every
I have been good seasons
Entire year
I am good to say I love you.
A new coloring books into
the new studio.
You are very sweet to
me. – Margie, (resident poet) artist

From all of us at Make Studio, Happy New Year!

We’d love to hear your resolutions and feedback… drop us a line at:

*Unfortunately, pre-holiday plans and illnesses kept some folks out of the studio recently, preventing us from getting everybody’s resolutions.

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