“Gathered Strands” Exhibit and Collaborative Stitching Workshop

October was quite eventful at Make Studio! One part of that was our participation in Free Fall Baltimore, a city-wide free arts celebration presented by the Baltimore Office of Promotion & The Arts (BOPA).


Pam presents a collaborative work in-progress from another workshop, as example to our attendees.

Make Studio artists worked collaboratively with visiting artist Pam Negrin on an embroidery workshop open to the public, as well as a month-long exhibit entitled Gathered Strands.

Participants in the Collaborative Stitching Workshop experienced working with a range of sewing materials, including different types of needles, fabric, and threads. During the workshop, artists and visitors worked together on a collaborative piece, as well as on individual projects. Many of our artists also benefited from having Pam stop by throughout the month, to demonstrate various stitching techniques

While the public enjoyed the Collaborative Stitching Workshop, the exhibition Gathered Strands was on view. The show brought together the work of two artists, Erika Clark and Bess Lumsden. It featured several of their most recent works, revolving around the joining of textural, visual, and narrative lines and threads.


Erika at work during the Free Fall workshop.

When working with Pam during the month, Erika enjoyed “having a variety of options to explore” with stitching. She enjoyed “seeing my art come to life,” adding, “it gave me thoughts about incorporating it in to my other artwork. It was a unique experience.”

She added stitching to a beautiful silk paining, and felt that the stitching “made it look elegant.”



Bess’ to be stitched “doll” on top and Erika’s stitched silk piece, below, both in progress.


Bess with some of her Gathered Strands pieces.

Bess thought that working on stitching “was really amazing” and that it “opened a lot of doors.” She explained, “I’d never stitched before. I was always nervous about it, because I didn’t want to mess up.” After several weeks of working with Pam, she felt that “it was a lot different than I expected.  I expected it to be really difficult, but it was a lot easier than I thought.”



Stitching at the closing reception.

 During the closing reception for Gathered Strands, Bess mentioned that she was excited about the results of her month’s work as she stitched with family and visitors.



Jerry Williams enjoying the closing reception with staffer Erin.




Thank you to BOPA for organizing Free Fall Baltimore, and to Pam Negrin for giving her time and creativity throughout the month! 

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