Tyrone Remembers Robin Williams

For the last couple weeks at Make Studio, artist Tyrone Weedon has been working on a portrait series based on Robin Williams’ notable characters.

1023141403“To me, Robin Williams is the funniest comedian of all time.” 

Tyrone appreciates the wild personalities and unique voices of all the characters Williams acted as and voiced.  Like many, Williams’ characters were a very important and inspirational part of Tyrone’s childhood.  He feels Williams connected older and newer generations through his various roles.

Robin Williams brought joy and laughter to our childhoods. . . Robin is human like all of us.

Tyrone sees Williams himself relating to many of his characters.  Williams’ charisma and sense of humor made his characters great.

He has an insane personality and creativity in movies, television, and stand up shows. [He shows us] there is no shame in having a kid inside of us…

Tyrone picked six of William’s characters to focus on:  Patch Adams, Mrs. Doubtfire, Professor Philip Brainard, the Genie, Mork, and Tyrone’s favorite role Peter Pan.


Tyrone thinks Williams as Peter Pan shows that you should never change who you are.  Accept yourself as yourself.

 Robin Williams’ legacy of bringing laughter will live on through people everywhere.


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