Storytelling with Kemonte: Sonic X Ultimate

by Kemonte Hale

Although Kemonte, one of our newest artists, isn’t featured in our upcoming Storytellers show, much of his artwork is narrative in nature. He enjoys the process of character and world building, often based on the inspiration of a special interest in the extended Sonic the Hedgehog universe, bringing characters to life in a future Baltimore.

In a futuristic city, there are new heroes. Sonic has retired, and Sanoz is the first one who can fill his shoes. The following images are of the new Team ultimate, a powerful team that desires to defeat Dr. Robotnik and prevent chaos from spreading.

Alina Rose

Alina Rose is one of the most powerful gods, yet was completely unaware of her powers. She was raised on a farm on Earth and only discovered her divine powers by accident. She is 15 years old and her true abilities are still unknown. She doesn’t know anything about her origins or her family. She currently attends Dunbar High with Sanoz and his friends but they haven’t seen each other since they were children.

Sanoz X

Sanoz X the Hedgehog is a biological android. He can teleport, has super-strength, and can warp through reality with the “warp-rings”. He uses his rocket boots to fly, and the rings he uses help to channel his many powers. He is 15 years old, goes to Dunbar High, but his home city is so far away that he must go to school by train.


Toa is a scientist and inventor. Her specialty is robots, machines, androids, and cyborgs. Her skills include being super intelligent, and is the mother of many in the super-powered team. She is 56-years old but still looks very young because of a lab accident which replaced her skeleton with “Endo”. She has a lot of energy and a lot of spunk.


Omega is a cyborg created by Toa. He is known as the guardian of his home-city. His abilities are teleportation, regeneration, super-speed, flying, and more. His powers are based off of Chaos Energy. He is very tough to fight and his weaknesses are still largely unknown. His age is also unknown.


Kanoira is a clone of Sanoz, but with different coloration. He was created by Eggman aka Dr. Robotnik and is 15 years old. His home is the egg empire. His abilities include teleportation and chaos blasts, which can destroy the entire landscape with a nuclear blast. He is never nice to anyone and has evil within.

Please plan to join some of the Make Studio artists, including our featured “storytellers”, on Saturday, April 30 for a casual reception and cartoon/comics inspired workshop from 12-2 p.m. in our gallery!

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