#GoGoGreen 2021 and back to the studio!

As you may have noticed, Iragi is Make Studio’s #1 fan of seasonal holiday festivities. Before the pandemic, that was evident on this day, also this one, and this one, among many others!

Since then, Iragi has not given up the holiday hype man role, and perhaps because he knows that our return to the physical studio is finally, thankfully, approaching, he went all out for St. Patrick’s Day 2021.

We couldn’t let the moment pass without sharing the full force of his #GoGoGreen spirit!

“I returned home from Big Lots at Columbia MD. 
I got a Neon Green Mini Light Set on Green Wire, 70-Count, again, because it’s just only for themed parties, mantel decoration or using as a fun alternative to a traditional lamp, even, for summer.” 
Gary asked, “Would the Grinch enjoy St. Patrick’s Day or no?” Debate ensued, before everyone concluded that yes, the Grinch would probably enjoy St. Patrick’s Day.  ☘️🌈💚

As well as being St. Patrick’s Day, it was also the one-year anniversary of when Make Studio officially shut down our physical studio. Thank you all for sticking with us during the past year! We’re pleased to announce that some artists will be returning to the studio on March 25th, and we couldn’t be happier about it.

We are so excited to get our holiday hype squad back together again in the studio this spring and summer! Stay tuned.

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