11 Ways to Make an Art Studio! Part Three

Artist remarks compiled by Erin Barach, Development Associate

After what can only be described as the strangest year in Make Studio’s history, we’re looking forward to soon easing back into in-person operations this spring. In the meantime, we’re celebrating a special time for us every year, our annual anniversary extravaganza. This year we’re turning things up to 11!

Recent times have proven more than ever that variety, in the right doses, is the spice of life, so instead of one party we’re hosting a week of festivities online, including this three-part blog series 11 Ways to Make an Art Studio! We asked our artists what were the essential, and somewhat quirky, ingredients that make a fabulous art studio, well, fabulous.

Part Three: People and Party Time

9. “Fweeends”

Laura Curtis, Two Merfairies ll

High on our artists’ list of necessary ingredients to make an art studio are the people! Fellow artists, staff members, new (at first) folks (like our interns!), guest artists, and supporters from the community who attend shows and workshops are all pieces of the art studio puzzle.

Make Studio Artists Zooming with members of Interact Center and Riera Studio, from Minneapolis and Havana, respectively.

Kareem pointed out that knowing other folks with disabilities that he could relate to was especially important. Cordially Invited, our annual invitational exhibition and showcase of artists working at progressive studios, was a big success this year. We especially loved hosting our friends from near and far in group discussions and workshops.

10. Social Gatherings

A zoom birthday celebration and hat party!

Probably one of the biggest challenges this past year was finding new ways to “get together” and be social, but Make Studio artists definitely know how to party, regardless of the circumstances! As Bess puts it, being social is about “actively participating – adding something to life.”

Julian Hinmon, A Day at the Movie Theater

Artists also took time in their studio practice this past year to reflect on what they’ve been missing the most since the pandemic began. Group activities and social gatherings have definitely been on all of our minds.

11. Holidays, Traditions, and Special Occasions (Like Our Anniversary!)

Iragi Lya Nkere, Mele Kalikimaka

Make Studio artists all agreed that celebrating special pastimes help make an art studio great. If there is one thing artist Iragi loves, it’s a photo-op. He dresses to the nines for Valentine’s Day, St. Paddy’s Day, patriotic days, Halloween, and Christmas photo shoots at the end of the day in the studio.

Jeremy during our virtual holiday “House Party”

Traditions and special occasions brighten up our lives and help us connect through special moments – from making gingerbread houses together to Monster Mash dance parties at Halloween.

Which brings us to our 11th anniversary! Make Studio’s “birthday” party has always been an important time for our artists, and the same certainly goes for this year.

Please join us for nightly “premieres” of select artist acts, which can be found on social and Youtube throughout this week. And tune in for the “main event” of the anniversary online this Saturday February 27th. Our artists’ very own virtual VARIETY SHOW opens at 4 PM, with performances beginning at 4:15. The Zoom link will be provided before the show on our social.

That’s it for 11 Ways to Make an Art Studio!

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