Summer Awards Season

Emmy nominations were just announced, and it just so happens that artists Chuck and Iragi were recently recognized for their achievements, outside of Make Studio, by the Maryland Association of Community Services. They wanted to share their awards with us and with all of you!


I won the Achievement Award from the Department of Disability Services. I won the award because I advocated for myself with living arrangements and self-care.

I plan on hanging my award at the ARC office where everyone can see it. It is always important to ask for what you want and do not be shy.





I got the award in May. It is the Maryland Association of Community Service Award. I won for being an unstoppable worker at Shoppers, even McDonalds, Irvine Nature Center, Petco, and finally Maryland Public Television.

I clean and raise all the items. I enjoy my work and am still at Shoppers.

I was chosen by the organization for the award. I had never won an award before I got this one on May 23rd. It made me feel really happy to win.



Congratulations to Chuck, Iragi, and all the other award winners!

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