Countdown to Cloud 9: Katelynn

Katelynn shares her favorite activities that keep her on cloud nine:

I sometimes end up spending hours at the library. I can waste 2 hours searching for a good book. I also waste time reading books because I have a really nice window with nice light in my bedroom. There are just all these beams of light in my room. It makes me feel like I am a cat. I understand why cats sun worship. It was nice when it was cold out because the beams heat my room.


I like to experiment with different libraries. My favorite one in the winter is the White Marsh branch. There is a fire place there that crackles and I like the sound. It fills you with euphoria in a nice quiet place.


I like to browse from time to time and see if a title or idea in a book grabs my attention. I am currently reading and would recommend the Sarah Booth Delaney Mystery series by Carolyn Haines. It’s a good series so far.


I also enjoy camping, hiking, the outdoors. I highly recommend camping in Harpers Ferry area. You can get to the Appalachian Trail and it goes through multiple states and it’s so beautiful…there’s just something about it.


Make Studio artists are counting down each day until our ninth anniversary celebration by sharing something that puts them on cloud nine. To help us celebrate, join them here on the blog all month through February 22nd, and in-person on February 23rd at Cloud 9!

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