Countdown to Cloud 9: Erika

Erika thinks that “to ‘be on cloud nine’ means you are exuberantly happy and at a peaceful juncture.”

Watching, reading, or playing other media relevant to society — “so, like, strong themes” — fits the bill for Erika, even though that might bring up “politics and the state of society. . . you can’t really avoid it anymore.” But, interacting with books, games, or television shows that examine consequences and aspects of social conflict is enjoyable for Erika.




“Sometimes, when I’m in that mood” Erika will address social issues in her own artwork Recently Erika’s works have been skill-building challenges for herself — “anything creative, you need time to go back to the basics” — working on anatomy, perspective, and more advanced shading.

Erika thinks her last few compositions have bordered on being too detailed, and she wants to scale back a little and put more “emphasis on lines and shadows. . . so everything has contrast.”


Cosmic Egg, by Erika


Make Studio artists are counting down each day until our ninth anniversary celebration by sharing something that puts them on cloud nine. To help us celebrate, join them here on the blog all month through February 22nd, and in-person on February 23rd at Cloud 9!

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