Artist Update: Aimee

Aimee Eliason started working at Make Studio in 2015. 

Right now Aimee is focusing on sculpture with found objects, including wearable art such as this “Christmas hairpiece”.


Aimee enjoys having unstructured time to explore her creative ideas in the studio, where many media are readily available. She also likes having opportunities to work with visiting artists as well as to collaborate with other Make Studio artists.

 “Sometimes I have really wacky dreams, if I can remember them when I wake up I like to do oil paintings or acrylics based on them.”

She also finds inspiration in her hobby of ice skating, which is “exciting, exhilarating, and calm all at the same time.” 

 “Oil paint is life!”

However, Aimee also is lately painting with acrylic on fabric or turning fabric into other fun creations, such as her hairpieces. 


Aimee models with another one of her custom hairpieces. 

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