The Revitz Collection

11204812_10153194669315266_1494502919_o  She has more art from me than any other person anywhere, certainly more than anyone at St. Elizabeth School!  She is my former guidance counselor, Ms. Lori Revitz.  She loves me like a third born son and thinks my art is amazing.

Sue Ellen, as I call her, has at least 8 framed pieces and many saved pieces that are not framed from when I was a student.  Many of the unframed pieces are from my  “Arthur” era that came before my “Wizard of Oz” era. My mom is “Fern” in the Arthur art. Sue Ellen tells me that she loves the pieces the most that feature Sue Ellen the Cat, of course, because that means she is in the art!   Sue Ellen’s sister also has one of my works of art.  She lives in San Francisco.  They are sisters who collect art like the Cone sisters!  That’s why it’s called the Revitz Collection, just like the Cone Collection!

I wonder how much more art they’ll buy from me in the future because she loves me like a son and my art is worth it!  Well, I’ve finished a 60th anniversary portrait of James Dean and now I’m thinking of drawing my Aunt Gretchen as Batgirl.  You know, the original, Yvonne Craig!


There’s No Place Like Home” by A.R. LaBate

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