“What’s a memory from when you were 5?”


In honor of our 5th year here at The Make Studio, we asked our fabulous artists to share with us a memory from when they were just five years old. Here is what some of them said…

Aimee… “I have always drawn since I was little. My grandparents bought me all the art supplies and things I needed. I think it was when I was 5 that I painted on the walls and got into lots of trouble!”

Kareem… “I liked to draw houses and trees, like other little kids!”

Louis… “I played with my toys. My favorite stuffed animal was a teddy bear.”

Margie… “I wore glasses when I was five. I remember finger-painting.”

Gary… “I had a nice childhood. It’s been so long, but I still remember that my mom would ask me how old I was but I didn’t know how to answer. Once when she asked me when I was 5-and-a-half and she asked me how old I was going to be
next, I answered, “Five” as a joke. My favorite cartoon back then may have been Looney Tunes or Winnie the Pooh.”

Tyrone… “I remember pretending to be Superman in my “tighty-whiteys”. Haha! I injured myself jumping off of so many things like the dresser. I did it over-and-over until I hit the lamp! I was an adventurous 5-year-old and am still
adventurous now.”

Dave… “When I was 5, I liked to read children’s books and play video games!”

Mandi… “I liked to play with dinosaurs when I was 5. They’re giant lizards with sharp claws and pointy teeth. What’s not to like!? And then I moved on to dragons (as you can tell)…”

Can you think of a memory from when you were five??

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