Erika Clark on art and working with City Project(ions)

Bart O’Reilly: City Project(ions) is an ongoing series of experimental videos to highlight work made in a studio setting with artists whose work has been under-represented due to social or economic circumstances or through having a disability. The project has already received pilot funding from The Warnock Foundation and was featured in The Baltimore Social Innovation Journal this summer.

So far working with artists at Make Studio in Hamden I share processes developed in my own practice in a working studio setting. The plan is to expand to include many more artists so if you want to get involved or know someone who would benefit please get in touch. The work we make is being projected publicly outdoors in and around the city of Baltimore.

I had a chance to sit down with Erika Clark today and speak a little bit about the project and her thoughts on art in general.

2015-02-06 14.11.45

How long have you been making art?

Erika Clark:I have been creating art for 4 to 5 years.

Bart O’Reilly: What is your main source of inspiration?

Erika Clark:My main source of inspiration comes from stories and images that I create usually linked to the fantastic.


Bart O’Reilly:How do you feel about City Project(ions) and exposing your process in a public way like this?

Erika Clark:It is a great opportunity, I am sure people wonder how long it takes to make a piece of art and all of the changes and different processes that go through it.


Bart O’Reilly:What other artists inspire you?

Erika Clark:Other artists from Make Studio can inspire me.

Bart O’Reilly:What else?

Impressionism and I get inspired by the games I play and stuff I watch on TV.

Bart O’Reilly:What media do you like to use?

Erika Clark:I like to use different mediums now and then right now I am I use a lot of watercolor and watercolor pencils. Other times I am more into drawing with oil pastels or coloring pencils.
2015-02-06 12.40.23

Bart O’Reilly:What would you like people to get from your art?

Erika Clark:I would like them to be inspired, live in two different worlds and hopefully see something beautiful.

Bart O’Reilly:What else are you interested in?

Erika Clark:Cooking, baking , video games anime and manga. Reading books and listening to music.

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