We’re Movin’ On Up!

IMG_9891Today marks our final studio day at 3500 Parkdale Avenue in the Woodberry neighborhood of Baltimore City.  As we ready to move to our new studio space in Hampden over the next two weeks, Louis Middleton wanted to share his thoughts on the big move:

“It’s the last day on Parkdale. We’re going to miss it. I’m going to miss the view of Television Hill from the windows. And the stairs that lead to Stefan’s property. I’m going to miss the closet. The acrylics, watercolors, the colored pencils, and the pastels are in there. Going down the hall to the bathroom. It was a break. I’m going to miss riding on the elevator. And the fire escapes were everywhere. Suite 16 was our space. We did artwork in this space. We had special events. We made new friends in the space. It feels sad.

The new space is two stories. It has a kitchen. It has a gallery. It has a main studio. I wonder what the new studio looks like. I will see it on January the 5th. I feel excited about the space. That’s it. Bye, bye, Parkdale!”


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