Our Road Warriors Take on PA!

(Wow! It’s certainly been a long time since this blog has been updated. The pace of posts is going to pick up again later this summer, though, as the blog gets a much needed update. Stay tuned! And for now…)

As you might recall from last spring, Make Studio was excited to receive a grant from Civitan Club of Baltimore, allowing us to undertake our “Make Studio Road Warriors” series. This funding has enabled our artists to get out of the studio, and even outside of Baltimore, to have unique art experiences in the company of fellow artists from other progressive art studios. It also enabled us to host multiple studios for a gallery visit at Make Studio and group field trip to AVAM in the fall.

Completing this series, on Friday, April 28, a group of artists and staff visited Center for Creative Works at their Wynnewood, PA studio! Like the studios we visited last year in the D.C. area, CCW has similar goals as Make Studio but is structured a bit differently and is quite a lot bigger than us! 

This time, artists Louis, Tyrone, Shermella-Chuck, Gemma, Tony L, Tony S, Jerry, and Malcolm made the trip, waking up early, dodging the rain, and departing the studio in our three-vehicle caravan before 9 a.m. Once again it was a looonnnggg day, but well-timed rest stops and a lunch break made for a smooth journey.

The images gallery below provides just a sampler of what our artists saw and did at CCW, and they’ve shared their impressions of the visit as well.

Thank you to CCW staff for grabbing this group shot!

Artists’ favorite/most liked things that they saw/happened:

Tyrone: “[The studio space] was so big and there were a lot of cool workshop areas. They had a huge t-shirt printing machine!”

Shermella-Chuck: “I loved seeing the [really] large painting.”

Gemma: “I loved getting to make a bracelet for my mom in the jewelry area. I really enjoyed the studio tour.” 

Louis: “I really enjoyed going and making art with people. The best part was their utility sink!  It was really big!”

Malcolm: “The best parts were the orange chicken and seeing the 3D cityscape/horizon line art.”

Bess: “A CCW artist helped me wire a wand to actually light up!”

Jerry: “I liked connecting with the CCW studio staff.”

Tony L: “My favorite part was working on my tributes to Harry Belafonte and Jerry Springer there.”

After another successful road trip, all agree that more field trips will be in our future!

We want to extend another HUGE THANKS to the artists and staff of Center for Creative Works for welcoming us and providing us with an amazing tour and art making experience! W

We were unable to capture artwork info and artist attributions for the images shared here, so we encourage our followers to check out CCW’s website and social media for more information!

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