Louis’ Vacation Destination Celebration!

Make Studio artist Louis Middleton is a big fan of beautiful scenery. He often makes artwork about faraway places, idyllic landscapes and seascapes, as well as capturing the essence of iconic locales that make a destination stand out from the rest! His landscapes cover a variety of scenes from tropical beaches to Baltimore City to snowy mountain ranges. We asked him about his favorite vacation spots and what makes these places special to him.

Louis Middleton’s “Village on the River Elbe” [Image of a drawing that shows a quaint village with colorful buildings in profile all along a bridge, with trees and greenery in the background..]

Louis says that he likes to visit Florida, even though it is hot. Jacksonville is a particular favorite of his, where he goes to visit his relatives.  He enjoys seeing them and playing card games.

[Image of artist Louis Middleton standing in front of a wall displaying his artwork. While looking at the camera, he is pointing to a drawing of a beach scene.]

He also thinks Orlando, FL is beautiful. He likes all the palm trees, flowers and being near the water. He also likes   seeing all the buildings, the fish and the crocodiles.  He likes the plane rides, too!

[Image detail of Louis’ hand pointing to the unframed beach scene drawing on the wall, featuring a palm tree on the beach with a high-noon shadow, lawn chairs and a beach umbrella.]

While in Florida he enjoys going to Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, where he likes to ride on all the rides. He says the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party tea cup ride is his favorite. The ride doesn’t make him dizzy, and he enjoys the spinning (unfortunately some others at Make Studio cannot say the same).

Louis Middleton’s “Castle in Canada” [Image of a mixed media drawing of a gray castle with a fountain and elaborate shrubbery out front]

In recognition of our artists returning to the studio this summer, we are having a large sale – our biggest one ever – anchored by a lighthearted gallery show entitled Make it Back!. The show celebrates the artists’ activities, aspirations, and preoccupations while they worked from home and looked forward to being back together. Inspired by Louis’ passion for travel, we’ve created a special promotion – all landscapes and cityscapes are 50% off the original price! This Make It Back promotion is live through Saturday August 21st. Check out our social media for updates and other promotions through Labor Day!

Besides being a devotee of all things retro and 1950s, Louis often gravitates towards epic landscape and portraiture, or a combination of the two, in his art. He often starts his work with a sketch, which he then transfers to canvas and paints with acrylics. Besides painting, Louis has long enjoyed taking his own digital photographs and at Make Studio has worked to advance his computer skills by digitally manipulating photographs and original imagery. Outside of Make Studio and with the support of his family, Louis operates his own photo restoration business and has logged a number of satisfied customers in this work. Louis is a graduate of the St. Elizabeth School. To view more of Louis’ work, please visit our online store.

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