Rulers of Our Domains: Art at the Hussman Center

by Rosie Eck

Among us, we have the King of Video Games, the Empress of Baby Goats, the Ruler of Meadows, the King of Drums, and two Rulers of Nature.

This host of royalty comprises the Art Class at the Hussman Center for Adults with Autism. Each week, participants meet to explore creativity and communication by creating art together.

In conjunction with Make Studio’s Autism Acceptance Month online gallery, some Hussman art program participants opted to share their work and words here on Make Studio’s blog. In a recent art class (currently meeting virtually, similar to Make Studio’s virtual studio), we gave ourselves royal titles, made crowns, and made decrees over our domains.

E., The Ruler of Video Games, pronounced that all players should create characters and play games to 100% completion. His crown sports a game character that waves off the top of the crown like a quail feather.

J.’s crown is a celebration of Spring. “I get excited when I look at animals and my favorite bird, the bluejay.” J. was video chatting into class from a porch swing in her yard.


“I sent the crown to some of my family members and my mom too! They like the shading and the dark colors!” -J., Ruler of Nature

Another week, artists worked on collages that depicted their pet peeves and how they respond to those peeves. In her collage, G. surrounds her nightmares and uncertainties with things she loves: a gem, flowers, horse riding. 

Gail'sOnline ArtClass

“I was having nightmares about not going to town. I can’t see my friends or ride horses or go to synagogue.” -G., Ruler of Meadows

Her visual charting of her thoughts makes physical and visible the things that bring her joy. This lets others also take part in that joy.

Make Studio and the Hussman Center have partnered together in the past because both make it their mission to support connection and empowerment through art. It’s not surprising that there have been both artists and staff, like me, who participate in programming at both places. (In addition, in 2019 and in years prior, Hussman Program Manager Zosia Zaks has presented about employment at our Autism Acceptance Month events.)

Our in-person events for April have sadly been cancelled, but stay tuned for a few more AA Month features from Make Studio, now through next week!

Rosie Eck is the Program & Exhibitions Associate at Make Studio and the Art Instructor at the Hussman Center for Adults with Autism. She is also the Empress of Baby Goats.

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