A Portfolio Review with Gemma

Make Studio will be hosting our first Portfolio Review Day this Saturday, 4/20! 


Aspiring artists with disabilities, ages 16 and up, who are looking for suggestions about their art and future creative work are invited to bring their art for a FREE review with Make Studio staff and artists. 

EVERYONE is invited to stick around, or show up at 1PM after the reviews, for a special prevention by autism and employment expert Zosia Zaks.

Gemma will be on of our artists who is present that day, so in advance of the event she’s provided a brief “review” (a walk-through) of her own body of artwork.

0413191248-e1555175362677.jpgQueen Susan: The Gentle (in progress)

“Queen Susan is one of my favorite characters from Narnia. I am reflecting on her character and putting my own spin on it with color and design.”

gf_mother_nature_colored_pencils_unf_45_ddMother Nature

“I find nature to be very relaxing, so I wanted to make a piece about that. Mother Nature has on a crown because she is a queen. She is also holding flowers because I love flowers. She is standing in front of a mixture of sun and flowers.”

gf_jimi_may_mm_unf_45_ddJimi May

“I am a big fan of Jimi May and follow him on Instagram. I included his name on the artwork so everyone knows exactly who he is. I also designed the tattoos on him to give it my own spin.”


“This piece shows calm happiness. The colors are bright and happy, but the figure is more calm. She holds her hands together to honor herself.”

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