Countdown to Cloud 9: Tyrone

On the first day of 2019, Tyrone rang in the new year with his birthday. He feels very lucky to have his birthday on New Year’s Day because every birthday doubly brings new beginnings:

 “I’m a New Year’s baby!”


To celebrate his birthday this year, Tyrone went to Golden Corral with his family. “You see the beautiful food and you can’t take your eyes off of it, but when you get seconds you know your stomach will be full.” A lover of books, he also spent his birthday reading about cleaning up and organization. He will be moving into his own apartment soon, and his sisters have told him he has to learn the responsibilities of “balancing my inner child with my adult self.”


Tyrone has created tribute portraits for a wide range of well-known figures, and families are of particular interest to him. Here, he’s working on a portrait of Pres. GHW and Former First Lady Barbara Bush. Their daughter, Robin, who passed away in childhood will be seated in the chair.


A detailed, social commentary piece from Tyrone, in the style of a comic strip.

Thinking about being on “cloud nine” makes Tyrone think about his goals for 2019 – making “better art” full of inspiration from cartoons or containing a social message, continuing to explore the internet and library for research, and developing his skills as an artist, overall, at Make Studio.

“When you’re living the dream, go with imagination.”


Make Studio artists are counting down each day until our ninth anniversary celebration by sharing something that puts them on cloud nine. To help us celebrate, join them here on the blog all month through February 22nd, and in-person on February 23rd at Cloud 9!

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