8 Ways To Sunday: An interview with Woody

Make Studio celebrates our 8th anniversary starting on Saturday, February 24th with a special exhibition, “Go Figure”, in our Showroom Gallery featuring new works by our 30+ program artists, who explore materials and subject matter “eight ways to Sunday”. Recently, artist Dontavious Woody has similarly been a explorer in his own right, doing multiple, varied versions of images that he finds inspiring.

Rosie E. asked him to talk about his recent “The Lovers” series, based on Gustav Klimt’s famous piece, “The Kiss”.


You have done this image several times. What do you like about it?

The people in it. I like the way they are together.

How are the people?

Passionate together.

What do you like about your latest piece in progress (one of another set of multiples, inspired by a photo of people wearing striped shirts)?

It like my family, so.

What do you do with your family?


Who is pictured in “The Lovers”?

Stefan and his girlfriend (wife).

Why did you make multiple versions?

Because Cathy seen my piece today and she liked it.

What changed between the earlier version and the later version?

Different: the background surrouding the lovers and the ground underneath them.


What did you change and add when working from Klimt’s piece?  

Different color.

Why do you like drawing people?

I like drawing people because you get to see how they live and what they are doing.

You have done a lot of fashion work previously. Does this piece have to do with fashion?

It could be connected to fashion.

What do you want to tell people about the upcoming show?

They should come to it.

Woody will be at the “Go Figure” reception on Saturday, join him there!  Both versions of “The Lovers” pictured here will be on sale alongside the top version in sticker format.



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