Reflecting on my month of “Design in Mind”

by Dontavius Woody

(Make Studio artist Woody looks back at his busy October, in which he and his work were featured in a series of events, made possible by Baltimore Office of Promotion & the Arts’ Free Fall Baltimore.)

It was a pleasure.  I had an art show in the gallery at the beginning of the month.  I used the iPad to type and share this statement with guests:

To all of you my name is Woody. I am a art student of Ms. Yvonne and I am an artist with Make Studio. Welcome to Make Studio thanks for coming. I like all this art I made here and the pieces I made with Yvonne. I feel inspired by people watching. I like to draw, paint, and think about people. In the studio I like making sure people get their phone calls and hear the doorbell. Being with people makes me feel wanted. I want people to know that they are notalone and are wanted. Somebody is always looking out for them. Being wanted means you feel like always like someone might feel good because someone always looking out for them. My art lets people know I see them and I know them.

My mother came to the show and she said she loved it and it was nice.IMG_0918 

It was also fun having guests there- new people to meet.  They liked all of my pictures.  My friends and co-workers at Make Studio came, too.


Later in October, I was with Shantel and Kareem at the art workshop.  Miss Yvonne and I were the leaders of the workshop and we made books with paint and stamps.  We sewed the books.  Miss Erin and I were the leaders of the other workshop.


We made sure that everybody was working on their pictures and made sure that their phones did not ring when they were drawing.


I am really glad that everybody came to watch the show and make art and see my work.  I sold a piece of my work to someone who likes my artwork.  I feel proud.  I am going to donate the money to somebody who doesn’t have money or is looking for a job to help them feel better.

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