A Day in Little Italy with Kareem Samuels

Two weeks ago, I was there in Little Italy at Downtown Baltimore City for the event called, The 2015 Madonnari Arts Festival. I was there at Little Italy with Carolyn (a staff member at Make Studio). I was doing chalk art & I made a chalk work of a man with red hat & some clothes: blue shirt & red trousers, including the mustache as a Super Mario Brother from the video game & I was impressed.


Since I was finished with the art chalk, I was down there to see it all: Italian dancers performing outside in Little Italy. They have Italian restaurants & much, much more in Little Italy at Downtown Baltimore City for the 2015 Madonnari Arts Festival.


One of the best things is to find some Italian food & I got some Italian cookies & a Vinni pizza made of cheese, peppers & sausages & it was the best Italian pizza ever in Little Italy.

12043004_908355939251292_2129638347271951876_n  12091375_908358022584417_5097598048928314743_o

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