The Newbie: Week 3

My name is Emma Jo Shatto, and I’m the new fall intern for make Studio. It is week three, and I am constantly observing and getting to know the environment.  I am so happy with how open it is here. For instance, physically the studio is a smaller space, but with its large windows letting sunlight pour in, the entire room opens up. So much of the space is devoted to the artists. It gives me the sense that working for and alongside make Studio artists is incredibly important. The space is laid out with tables for everyone to work. It tends to get cluttered with sketches and such, but there’s always a place for someone to sit down and work. The studio is quiet on Wednesdays. Except for the occasional question/answer session from artist Gary Schmedes or words being passed around between the staff and the artists, the studio remains pretty calm, with only the slight sounds of pencils scratching on paper or some shuffling about, artists getting ready to start projects. I am so entranced with how much focus there is in this one space.

The most recent thing to peak my interest is the artists and the staff. We are preparing for several different events, one of which is Hampdanfest 2014, which will be this Saturday, September 20th at 11 AM. I am so excited to be there to represent make Studio. The artists here are so interested in their artwork and driven to continue working. Always finishing a project and starting a new one. From what I’ve observed, some of them love to work and create just as much as they love to talk about the art. That pride and happiness that they feel is infectious. I remember witnessing it for the first time, when I volunteered for make Studio at ArtScape 2014.

I’ve spent a lot of time these first few weeks watching and observing. I love to see how different people interact with one another, and it’s helped me adjust to this new environment. But… I am so excited to start working. My head is bursting with ideas, and I cannot wait to be more involved with helping out the artists and the staff.

I am so ready!

Till next time. EJ signing off.


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