2013 Inventory Sale

Our 2013 Inventory Sale- with reduced prices on all of our items– is going strong through Labor Day. Please visit our website to view artwork (email info@make-studio.org for sale prices up to 50% off) and like us on Facebook for a special “friends only” offer.  All of our gift items are 25% off and can be easily purchased via our gift shop.

At the in-studio kick-off of our 3rd Annual Inventory Sale, a Happy Hour on August 16th, we met many new friends, sold a lot of art, and had fun doing it… There were plenty of in-studio surprises with our artists, including “What a Character” caricature commissions and “Get in the Ring with Partyman” You can find more photos from the event on our Flickr page.






Not soon to be forgotten!

Many thanks to those who made our event a success!

But if you missed out on first dibs on our unusual and economical additions for your art collection, fear not. There is a lot of great art still available!

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