+ most fans of ANIME are more creative than your average cartoon fan, especially when it comes to art or anything nerdy

+ they are also really devoted to their FAVES

+ most of them are really nice, the ones I’ve met, they ARE competitive, but not too, too competitive. They aren’t snobs.

+ the have a REAAALLLY active imagination

+ more acceptance for fandom today then ever before


+ in touch with their feminine side

+ their fashion sense is more unique than real life guys, goths or not

+ they have really different personalities and  they are complex

+ they are so inspiring and you can cross play


– biggest ones ever: PARENTS! They have many misconceptions including: waste of time or ulterior, weird motives

– people in denial that the stuff is gonna be good, like they’ve seen stuff but it’s bad or inappropriate and they make a prejudgment about

– expensive fandoms, pre-made expensive outfits that are high-quality or hard to find

– Time consuming for total dedication and planning, getting materials for your own costume

-People assuming things about our appearance or attitude that our negative like oh just sign the guestbook and get out of here

Even though there’s a lot a Pros/cons about cos-play and anime, if your in this hobby or just getting started, GO FOR IT! Or, keep doing what your doing because, remember, every fan base has it’s pluses and minuses!!

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