AUTISM Acceptance / Awareness MONTH

Some of Make Studio’s artists, whether they identify as “autistic” or as “a person with autism”, would like to share their thoughts about disability, creativity, and…

FAVES, of course !

L O U I S   M I D D L E T O N 

lou 4:13

“Autism awareness. It is about behavior. Something you feel like. I draw pictures. That’s it.”

G A R Y  S C H M E D E S

gary 4:13

“Everybody has differences of opinion, but you should respect other people’s differences. This is sometimes hard for me to do. I kind of don’t like hate. Acceptance is okay. I always ask people, “What do you like better: Cats or Dogs?” because I’m worried that cats get too much hate. Sometimes my art might have to do differences or opinions. But it’s funny! Because I’d like to make a drawing of movie critics that happen to be animals- like a tiger and a bear as a pun on Siskel and Ebert!”

T O N Y   L a B A T E


Autistic people are rejected from jury duty. I’m glad that people with autism are rejected from jury duty because it’s kind of like being rejected from the army. You can’t have a disability. Positive qualities would be that I’m creative and funny with a great sense of humor! Yes, I draw. I compare my family and friends to characters from the Wizard of Oz and Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.

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