BESS ( aka CIEL Phantonhive ) writes:

How about just some thoughts about my work at first? Yeah. OKay. My work is very dark and creepy. It’s not pink and cute and sweet-sy and bubbly. I know what you’re going to say! But, you’re a girl and you’re happy!? Just because somebody is happy doesn’t mean you can have a dark personality and also I’m not going to limit my work just because it’s not all cute and someone might say: “Hey! I don’t like how you pulled the head off that my little pony toy!”

AND. Oh, also that just because that- because a kid might be looking at it I’m not going to put black bars over the creepy parts. Yeah, I won’t censor it. I might risk ruining the theme of the picture. Because my policy is: I’m here to expose my thoughts, not ruin them! Just because one or two people might say: “I don’t like that bear, because there’s a bullet hole in it.”

I would really like to talk more about this stuff, but I have a really creepy haunted dollhouse painting to work on… before it attacks me! Just kidding. It’s not gonna attack me or you. Gotcha!

“My Lord, there’s a letter here for you.”

Oh, that would be my butler, Sebastian. Got to go.

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